Bluetooth speaker wireless charging smart phone Ds-674 Daniu

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Model: DS-674

-Material: ABS

Working distance (Bluetooth): 10m

Wireless charging (only available for some smartphones)

FM radio

3.5 mm audio Input

MP3 flash memory input (maximum 32GB)

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It is a portable wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker with high-fidelity output, designed to be comfortable to carry, light in weight, more suitable for travel and hiking, light and easy to transport in a backpack or luggage.

With wireless charging function. The speaker’s wireless charging base has an induction coil that can generate the electromagnetic field used by smartphones.

main feature

-Model: DS-674

-Material: ABS

-Working distance (Bluetooth): 10m

-Wireless charging (only available for some smartphones)

-FM radio -3.5 mm audio Input

-MP3 flash memory input (maximum 32GB)

-Power: 5 watts -Drive unit 52mm * 1

-Input sensitivity: 400mv

-Voltage: DC 5V -Signal

-to-noise ratio:> 80db

-Charging time: 2H

-Battery life: 3-4H

-Speaker size: 105 * 105 * 101mm

-Packing size: 109 * 109 * 112mm

-Net weight: 368g include

• A Daniel DS-674 loudspeaker

• USB data cable

Shipping and Location

Shipping and Location:Rwanda

Delivering Time:24Hours

Easy Refund:3_15Days


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