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Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments

They can use customized templates to create content on nutrition and dietary plans. It can facilitate easy payment by automating invoice processing and integrating with major payment providers. Online personal trainer software can even provide a flexible membership that can be upgraded with add-ons.

If you accept checks from clients you don’t see, it forces you to trust them to put the money in the mail. Accepting checks also increases the risk that the payment could potentially bounce. This is evidenced by reports that Americans pay around $15 billion in overdraft fees every single year. To get more online personal training clients, you should include these nutritional plans on your website and social media platforms to be available for your potential clients.

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Sometimes it’s just easier, faster and more convenient for personal trainers to have their clients pay them with credit cards or debit cards. FitSW enables trainers to accept payments from their clients directly through the app’s financials feature. In a previous post, we had talked about enabling trainers to accept payments from their clients. This feature had been in beta for several months and is now available to everyone.

  • Plus, it’s much easier to manage clients and trainers with a single private fitness coach app.
  • Unlike Venmo, Zelle is free to use as it’s a simple bank-to-bank transfer.
  • Using an online platform generally means paying monthly fees.
  • For a personal trainer or anyone running a Gym business, management of these activities could become effortless if they have a robust management system such as personal trainer software.
  • Zen Planner offers various features from automated billing to marketing to reporting and much more.

If your website says you work with women and men who want to lose weight and gain muscle, that’s a pretty broad audience. If you hone in on one very specific type of client you’re best qualified to help, then when they visit your website or read your content, they feel like you’re speaking to them and only them. It’s like if you were diagnosed with cancer, would you want to go to the primary care doctor down the road, or the best oncologist in the state? You want someone who specializes and understands your problem. We work closely with some of the best service providers in the fitness industry.

Best Personal Trainer Software

As long as the gym is working on your behalf, paying a percentage can be a good deal. Do not assume, however, this type of exact arrangement would exist in every gym. As always, one gym may handle things a lot different than another.

  • It is a web-based solution that is suited for fitness or sports facilities.
  • The new payment feature makes it easy for both the personal trainer and their client.
  • Money will automatically come in every month and you and your client can enjoy other conversation topics.
  • They don’t have to be an Olympian, but should have a healthy lifestyle.
  • You will know exactly how much you are getting paid and when you are getting paid, allowing you to make plans based on this.
  • A fitness facility could require you to submit an invoice of showing all the clients you trained during a particular week.

Because they’re so popular, most customers will expect that you’re able to accept payment via credit/debit cards in some form or another. To accept in-person payment via card, you’ll need a card or chip reader such as those offered by Square or PayPal. Simply plug the device into your mobile phone and start collecting payment right away. As with most digital payment options, each credit card transaction typically comes with a fee of around 2-3% per sale. If you scroll through Instagram, you will undoubtedly see fitness professionals from all over the world, offering up courses, sessions, and packages all delivered online.

Payment Systems For Personal Trainers

Cheques are still around, and the older generation may always prefer paying higher amounts this way. If you’re working primarily with the elderly, you may be asked if you take cheques. Remember that they may take a few days to clear and add an extra task to your workflow, so make sure you’re comfortable doing that. Turn to the employee directory to best find the details of team members, clients, vendors, and other third-party members. Joshua is a marketing content professional with a background in education and retail.

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While it’s free to create a Stripe account, Stripe does charge a flat rate per successful transaction. To view the exact breakdown of transaction charges, visit Stripe’s pricing page.

Below we will give more details on accepting payments from personal training clients. Payment Apps and Direct Best Methods For Collecting Personal Training Payments Transfers – Recently, mobile payment apps have come onto the payment scene such as Zelle, Cash App or Venmo .

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